A trailer is large van or wagon drawn by an automobile, tractor or truck and is used in hauling freight by road. It can be used as a mobile home or place of business and can be equipped with furniture, kitchen facilities, bathroom etc. Trailers throughout Melbourne can be open or closed and they can be small or large depending on the requirements of the users. Trailers can be made of steel or aluminium. They can be adjusted to suit different load requirements. Trailers have become popular and are available for sale in Melbourne and other areas.

Types of Trailers

The types of trailers which are used depend on the type of items to be transported. Enclosed or Dry Van trailers are used when the weather is harsh and the goods need to be protected from the environment. Foldable trailers can be used to carry goods which are heavy from one place to another. They can be folded or tucked away in a small place after using. Such trailers come equipped with removable components and can be folded or unfolded in a matter of minutes. Sports Utility trailers are used to transport large equipment, machinery or goods from one place to another. This type of trailer is suitable for transporting smaller items and is constructed using lightweight aluminium material. Flat Bed trailers are extremely versatile and popular. Refrigerator and Reefers can control temperature and are used for chilling products. Lowboy transport trailers are used to carry taller items. Specialised trailers are used for transporting certain type of goods. Other trailer types are Step Deck trailers, Extensible Flatbed Stretch trailers, Stretch Single Drop Deck trailer, Stretch Double Drop, Extendable Double Drop, Removable Gooseneck, Conestoga, Side Skit and Power only.

Uses of Trailers

There are several uses of trailers and they are very helpful for transport purposes. Trailers can be used to transport other automobiles like cars and trucks. It is more expensive to transport trucks separately than to transport them with a trailer. Trailers can be used to transport boats or bikes. Another use of trailers is to transport equipments. Sometimes equipment needs to be transferred to long distances and at that time trailers are very helpful. Furniture and building supplies can be transported with ease with help of a trailer. An enclosed trailer is best suited for the transport of livestock. Appliances and other items from the market can be transported. Trailers can also be used to remove unwanted objects or trash from a place.

Trailers are used for transporting material and items from one place to another. Type of trailer used depends on the requirements of the user. Trailers are essential for transport and are available for sale in areas like Melbourne.

Trailers Used in Transport

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